Our History

Rev. William Tuttle was appointed to the Midland Mission that covered the area from Midland to Shields. Rev. Crane formed the first charge known as the “Swan Creek and Hemlock Circuit”. Rev. Samuel was the presiding Elder, with a membership of eleven.

Our Church was officially started as the “First Methodist Episcopal Church of Hemlock City” with Rev. William Tuttle being our first Pastor, probably meeting in homes, schools, etc.

1885 – 1888
A church was built in Hemlock by the Richland Union Church Association. In 1888, Arminda Thomas and the Richland Union Church Association deeded “Lot number one, block four” to the “First Methodist Episcopal Church of Hemlock City” for $1.00.

1892 – 1897
Rev. Horace Aldrich took the first charge on September 26, 1892 until September 20, 1897. The Church Entrance was enlarged for a pastor’s study and an open stairway and balcony were added.

1906 – 1910
“Lot Four, Block Four” was obtained for $700.00 with the final payment and deed received on November 30,1910. The first parsonage was built on this lot.

The first parsonage was sold and moved away. The next parsonage was purchased for $4,400.00 and was located on “Lot Five, Block Four”.

1930 – 1931
The “Church House” (Fellowship Hall) was started. It was completed and dedicated on March 8, 1931.

Somewhere between 1934 to 1943, the Hemlock Methodist Church served meals at the Saginaw Fair. The fairgrounds were located on the corner of E. Genesee and Webber. The meals were served underneath the grandstands.

In 1938 or 1939, a smaller church denomination called “The Methodist Protestant Church” combined with “The Methodist Episcopal Church” and became “The Methodist Church”.

The stained glass was installed in the church and the 75th anniversary was celebrated.

The men of the church built a sound box for the Hammond Organ under the direction of the Grinnell Co. in Saginaw. The company also installed a 20 watt amplifying system. Cost $ 205.00

The men of the church dismantled the old garage at the parsonage and built a new cement block one with an overhead door and a cement floor. Cost $ 568.57.

A new indirect lighting system was installed in the church under the direct of the engineers at Consumers Power Co. The company also donated fixtures to the church. Several electricians donated a days pay toward the project. Cost $ 412.23

In May, Mr. John Kratz painted the interior of the old sancturary and adjoining rooms for a cost of $750.

In November, the men of the church insulated the ceiling of the sanctuary. Wolohan Lumber Co. sold us the materials at cost. Total was $280.

In May, Mr Willis Wheatley was hired to install trim around the stained glass windows for $52.51.

In June, the outside of the church and parsonage was painted with two coats of paint. Materials and labor were $350.

In July, three awnings were installed on the front and two side entrances for a cost of $295.

In May, the WSCS hired Austin Sanford to paint the interior of the church-house (fellowship hall) for $125.

In March, the W.S.C.S. had a sump-pump installed in the basement of the church-house (fellowship hall). Cost was $60.00.

In April, a new oil furnace was installed in the church-house. Cost was $1,375.00.

In May, two additional classrooms were built in the basement of the church-house. Cost was $125.00.

In June, new evetroughs were installed on the church-house. Cost was $40.00. Then six new fluorescent fixtures were installed in the basement. Cost was $47.88

In August, two plastic accordian doors were installed for the exits in the basement of the church-house.

August showed the front of the church being remolded to include a new church office and also a library. Bookshelves were made for the office and the cost was $40.


Pastors Serving the Church

Pastors who served the Hemlock Methodists from 1872-1892 were: George W. Carson, Rev. George Bettis, Rev. W. Tuttle, Mr. Justus A. Rowe, Mr. T.B. McGee.

2014-Present    Rev. Michael W. Vollmer
2009-2014    Rev. Jerry P. Densmore
2002-2009    Rev. Nicholas W. Scroggins
2001-January 1, 2002    Rev. Karen L. Knight
July 1, 1994-2001    Rev. Arthur V. Norris
1984-June 30, 1994    Rev. Steven A. Gjerstad
1975-1984    Rev. Tom Brown II
1970-1975    Rev. John C. Huhtala
1965-1970    Rev. A. Theodore Halsted
1963-1965    Rev. Phillip Doster
1957-1963    Rev. Andrew Michelson
1947-1957    Rev. Samuel Bottrell
1942-1947    Rev. Thomas S. Bottrell
1939-1942    Rev. Reginald S. Hocking
1935-1939    Rev. James Priestly
1932-1935    Rev. Kenneth Burgess (also served in LaPorte, MI)
1925-1932    Rev. Lorne Carter
1921-1925    Rev. Isaac Wilcox
1919-1921    Rev. Herbert N. Hickens
1917-1919    Rev. V. H. Hufton
1916-1917    Rev. L. Ostrander
1915-1916    Rev. J. H. Spencer
      Mr. T. B. McGee
      Mr. W. J. Dudgeon
1914-1915    Rev. W. H. Hickolson
1911-1914    Rev. E. H. Hendrix
1909-1911    Rev. O. L. Dregs
1908-1909    Rev. W. H. Rule
1907-1908    Rev. Joshua Bacon
1906-1907    Rev. Clifton W. Scott
1904-1906    Rev. Carl O. Bigger
1902-1904    Rev. J. H. Rutledge
1900-1902    Rev. Wm. H. Allman
1897-1900    Rev. Arthur Richards
1892-1897    Rev. Horace Aldrich (also served in Merrill, MI)